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company MEDCO S.A

The company Mediterranean Contractor ‘’MEDCO’’ is a company with a capital of Two Million Five Hundred Fifty Thousand Dinars (2,550,000 Dinars) revolves around the management, studies, procurement, manufacturing and assembly projects in sectors petroleum and industrial

Our philosophy

  • Being a Mediterranean symbol of excellence and the preferred partner for the quality of its performances and the efficiency of its realizations and services in the industrial, environment and energy sectors.

    Missions :
  • Using energy endeavor to attain the highest degree of excellence in providing products and services to companies operating in the industrial, energy and environment sectors.
  • Listening, learning and understanding current challenges and taking advantage of any opportunities that may crop up.
  • Aiming to provide constantly adequate services that are both attractive and satisfactory through the integration of staff incentive scheme, first quality equipment and innovative technology.
  • Setting up a working environment allowing the respect the HSSE measures
  • Promoting a working atmosphere providing maximum training opportunities for the benefit of the staff and reward creativeness, integrity and respect in general.
  • Protecting our own assets as well as assets that are entrusted to us.

Contact Info



Imm frej 3ème étage
Rue lac biwa
Les berges du lac
1053 tunis-tunisie
Tel: +216 71 862 658
Fax:+216 71 862 651
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